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About us


Toys for her offers discreet, personal and flexible service, but above all, it is authentic.

We know talking about sex is not always easy, especially when it’s ours.

Toys for her is here to offer you the best products on the market, whether it’s to enjoy alone or with a partner.

Our mission is to offer women and men the opportunity to shop erotic products without embarrassement or guilt.

Experience a great shopping that will do only good. Come on ! Spoil yourself. You deserve it !

Letter from our Founder

Women get judged for seeking sexual pleasure, no matter the age Society is body shaming women witch confuse us of thinking that we are not beautiful or sexy.
Some women are hiding vibrators because they think they will hurt their partner feelings

Stop this !

Self-love is not being selfish it’s natural
Women are beautiful and sexy no matter what ! With or without curves.
Women can do what they want, we have no limit we don’t need anyone approval !

Having this online store for women is having by my side a community of strong, beautiful, fearless, ambitious, healthy and confidence people by my side. Yes you !
Confidence in our life, family, work but also in our sex life.

The selection of products that we have are high quality material and body safe for women.
I’ve been in this industry for almost a decade we choose a smaller selection which we think are the best on the market for you.

Our vagina is as important than our skin or our hair, take care of it too .

I am passionate about self-love I truly believe in creating a community of healthy, happy women and helping them to take control of their sexual life.

Join the movement

Founder of Toys for her

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