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Jive is another product from We-Vibe that ensures discreteness when used. This Bluetooth-controlled wearable vibrator surpassed the expectations of many and is among the best for ultimate yet discreet pleasure. The Jive vibrator is the perfect way to add some adventure to your sexual routine and contains some of the best features for a toy with its price tag. Here are some of these features.

Features We-Connect has been using technology to enhance the experience for customers who purchase their products. The Jive vibrator does not miss out and comes with a We-Connect that allows your partner to control Jive when in the same room as you or from a longer distance. You can wear this vibrator under your clothing, and it is comfortable enough to use when lying, sitting, standing, or even walking. The Jive vibrator has rumbly vibrations when paired with a smartphone that are also powerful and guarantees hands-free G-spot stimulation. While this vibrator comes with over ten Jive preset modes, it also leaves room for customization enabling you or your partner to get a little bit inventive when playing. The Jive vibrator also has a comfortable design and is uniquely contoured to ensure you’re at ease when trying to achieve some stimulation. It is also made from silky smooth silicone which is not only body-safe but easy to wash as well. Water and soap will do the trick, but if you can get your hands on silicone sex toy cleaners, the results will be even better. This vibrator’s design is so good it can be used even for extended wear. This feat is made possible by a flexible retrieval stem which bends to form to the outside of your body thereby enabling it to deliver discreet pleasure. The rechargeable nature of the Jive vibrator also makes it a good toy considering mobility is key to some people during play. The battery used is also eco-friendly and convenient and considering this vibrator comes with a low battery alert, you will be able to know when to add some juice to enjoy some more quality time. How do I Use it? Using the Jive vibrator is simple. All you have to do is pair the vibrator with your smartphone using Bluetooth, and you are ready to go. You can get better results if you connect from up to 30 feet of direct line-of-sight distance and roughly 20 feet of 360-degree range. The Jive vibrator is also free from phthalates, latex, and BPA.


Conclusion The Jive vibrator comes with a two-year warranty. However, if you follow all the cleaning and storage procedures to the letter as instructed above or in the extensively in the manual, your Jive vibrator should be of service for a long time. Upon unboxing, expect the Jive vibrator alongside a satin drawstring bag and a USB cable.

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