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The Mimic vibrator from Clandestine devices is a futuristic toy that is both cleverly and ergonomically designed. In fact, if placed in a Starship Enterprise, this vibrator would not look out of place. The packaging itself is sleek and stylish, and the black box has no cringy suggestions of what is contained inside. Upon unboxing, the box includes the Mimic vibrator, a USB cord, the instructions, and a satin storage bag.




The Mimic has three major parts in its design. The first is the central core section, which harbors the motor, and where a majority of the vibrations can be felt. The second part is the two flaps on both sides of the core meant to cover your labia. The last part of the Mimic vibrator is the oval control area, which can also acts as a base and contains the charging port, the power, and other buttons, as well as an LED light.


This vibrator’s streamlined design is ideal for ultimate pleasure, and it comes in a broad variety of colors. The Mimic is also unbelievably quiet which is expected.




While the design and sound might be positive attributes for the Mimic, its vibrations are wanting. The reason for these delicate and strong  vibrations might be the diffusion extended to the flappy wings on the vibrator. The vibrations are also remarkably buzzy and come in eight vibration patterns. More so, not a single part of the vibrator isn’t buzzy which might be a good thing for some people who want to exploit every sensitive area.


Materials Used


The Mimic vibrator is made from satin-soft silicone making it non-toxic, body-safe, and nonporous. Customers are advised to use water-based lubricant with this vibrator for better results. Silicone is also easy to clean and only requires soapy water. Not to mention, the Mimic vibrator is completely waterproof despite being rechargeable. Before using it for the first time, be sure to charge the Mimic vibrator for two hours.


When charging, the LED light flashes before switching to a solid light when the vibrator is fully charged.




Apart from being 100% body safe and waterproof, the Mimic vibrator also has a simple interface allowing vibrations to travel to pinpoint locations. It also has a travel lock for those who wish to use it on-the-go as well as an LED base for the dark. The Mimic vibrator also has discreet vibrations, which makes it a secret worth keeping. Not to mention, it also comes with a one year warranty and the unboxing accompaniments mentioned earlier.




The Mimic vibrator is among the most user-friendly gadgets you will ever come across. This vibrator also has no reported anatomical complaints from its users seeing the angle can be easily adjusted by the user. The Mimic vibrator is also compact and comes with a universal appeal. The Mimic guarantees the right amount of pleasure for women who want external stimulation.

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