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Currently, it is evident that women experience problems as they try to get the best vibrators from the market. The presence of a variety makes it difficult to choose the best. Most of the women do not know the features they have to look at when shopping for the best vibrator in the market. The Booster Rabbit vibrator is a uniquely made vibrator with aspects fit for stimulating women. With this type of vibrator, women can get the sexual pleasure that they deserve.


The vibrator is made with features to enable stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same, a combination of features that most vibrators cannot achieve. The rabbit ears can stimulate the clitoris at the same time the G-spot vibrator stimulates the G-spot. With a length of 5″, it provides the best stimulation that one can get from the use of vibrators. Most people go for this vibrator since it has several vibrations modes that they can use and three rotational speeds that they can use to increase the levels of pleasure. The vibrator is 100% made of silicone which provides a soft touch feeling from the product. It gives the product a competitive advantage over the others since it does to interfere with any tissues of the body. The use of this vibrator creates a unique pleasure that is not easy to experience. The following are some of the elements of the vibrator that make it one of the best vibrators on the market.


Long battery life and is able chargeable


In the current world, the main problem that women face is the availability of vibrators that do not have a long battery life. Most people feel that their vibrators run out of power so fast before they get the pleasure they need. It, therefore, means that they cannot carry it around. The Booster Rabbit has a battery that lasts longer than the other ones in the market. In case it runs out of power, you have an option of charging it so that you continue the use. The fact that it is a power source USB rechargeable provides the users with ease of finding a charge to use.




The vibrator is waterproof which makes it easy to use and clean. You do not have to worry about water interfering with the performance of the vibrator. Water can destroy any vibrator that does not have this feature.


Good size and a favorable design


The vibrator is 7.9” in length. This provides a suitable holding space as well a reasonable length to insert. The silicone material used provides users with the intense pleasure they need when using such a product.

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