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There are different types of vibrators that one can buy from the market. The choice will always depend on the features you are interested in as a well as the amount of money you are willing to spend in the process. Womanizer is one of the latest vibrators that women are looking for in the market. The rising fame of the vibrator thanks to the excellent features that this pleasure stick boasts of.


Smart and Futuristic Design

The vibrator comes with the best design that makes it easy to use. The fact that the vibrator is made from silicone makes it favorable for use in getting sexual pleasure. Womanizer uses the We-connect app that is free in the app store. You can control how you use the product to improve the pleasure. The fact that you can use the app together with your partner at the same time makes it even more interesting. Another feature that makes it the preferred vibrator is the presence of different vibration levels. You are the one to choose the vibration level that you wish to use. The use of Womanizer will guarantee you pleasurable vibrations that will, in turn, give you the ecstasy you look for.


Chargeable and provides alerts when battery is low

Using Womanizer is quite easy compared to the other vibrators in the market. When using the vibrator, it will alert you when there is need to charge again. Charging the vibrator takes 90minutes to attain full charge. When the battery is in full charge, it takes 2hours to require another charge when it is put to use continuously. You can also connect the product with other Womanizer products. The ability to charge the battery once you use it makes it a cheaper method than the use of the other vibrators. You will not have to keep buying the batteries to use like other people do when using the other types of vibrators. The ability to charge makes it eco-friendly as people do not have to keep on disposing of the batteries they have used. The vibrator does not have a specific charge that must be used when charging. It accepts USB to be used as the main means of charging and this is accessible in many places.

Womanizer is Waterproof and Durable

When you buy the vibrator, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is not affected by water. Cleaning it will be easy as you will not interfere with the features. Most of the vibrators in the market are affected by water, and after some time, they stop functioning well. It makes it expensive on the part of the clients as they have to keep buying them from time to time. When you buy this vibrator, you can also be sure to get a two-year warranty with the manufacturer.

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