The Womanizer 2GO Vibe is without a doubt the epitome of a compact, well-designed and built vibrator. It’s not only sleek but also lightweight and perpetually travel-ready. In fact, its small size adds to portability, and you can slip it into your tiny purse and carry it with you when you travel and go have great adventures with great memories.

Thanks to its unique one-touch control button, one can achieve both direct and indirect clitoral stimulation thanks to its superior Pleasure Air Technology. In this case, the pulsating waves that emanate from the vibes internal working mechanism are designed to give you a series of mind-blowing sensual orgasms in quick succession. And if you’re wondering how this is possible, here’s a quick primer to that.

1. Engineered for Maximum Pleasure
The manufacturer behind this fantastic product prides themselves on their reputation to come up with unique pleasure-enhancing products. And the script does read any different with the Womanizer which boasts of being at the forefront of boosting the modern woman’s pleasure, private delight, and of course, her intimate health.

2. How it Works
At the core of the Womanizer 2GO is a conventional vibratory mechanism. However, this is complemented and boosted with the unique Pleasure Air technology. With this kind of approach, one can stimulate her clitoris without necessarily applying direct pleasure to it or being in direct contact with it. This makes it incredibly easier to attain several, multiple and continuous orgasms.

What’s more, thanks to the Pleasure Air technology, the clitoris is sucked pleasurably into the adjoining silicone tip thereby surrounding this sensitive part of womanhood with incredibly delightful pressure waves. In other words, discomfort and overstimulation are bound to be a thing of the past as long as you adopt this vibe. Instead, you will relish effortless and multiple orgasms.

3. An Array of Unique Features
The Womanizer 2GO bears the title and reputation of being of the globe’s most advanced and unique clitoral stimulator. Here’s how;

i. It’s not just an ordinary vibrator – it employs unique Pleasure Air tech as outlined above.

ii. Fitted with six adjustable and versatile levels of stimulation and intensity. This makes it easier and faster for one to select their desired degree of stimulation and excitement.

iii. Glows attractively in the dark – Who doesn’t love a little naughty time under the covers? The Womanizer 2GO lights up in the dark making stimulating yourself ( or your partner ) even more exciting and sensual.

iv. Lipstick Shaped – Boasts of a unique 2GO edition shape that is designed to make stimulation more pleasurable.

v. USB Rechargeable – Just like your phone, this vibe is packed with a rechargeable battery ( lithium ion ) that can be charged using a USB cable. So, no more running out of juice in the middle of the show.

vi. Easily Cleanable – It’s predominantly made of silicone. Silicone remains one of the readily disinfectable and cleanable materials for crafting vibes. Speaking of which, even the stimulation tips here are reinforced with silicone stimulation head XL and N.

vii. Waterproof and Durable – The vibrator can be used even underwater without risking damage to its internal high-tech electronic parts. And on top of this, you get a fantastic 2-year guarantee with the manufacturer.

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