Thank the universe for the 21st century and respect the times ahead for the modern woman. We now have more knowledge and freedom than our predecessors, and we should use it to enjoy life and its pleasures. However, this freedom is able to see that we are now heavily involved in work and career choices.

As a result, most of us stay in a cocoon and always respect the old rules that require us to put everything first before considering ourselves. Believe me; That does not make you selfish, rob you of the pleasure that your body deserves to relieve throughout the day, the pressure is very important. I realized that there are millions of women around the world who are afraid to indulge themselves.

Did you know that, according to the most recent research, over 75% of women can not reach orgasm with sex only? However, this difficulty in reaching orgasm does not mean that you are abnormal or that you need to do more for your partner. You should do more for yourself. They not only slow down your appetite but also help you sleep better, improve your smell and even improve your social life.

In a world where women lead multi-million dollar corporations, educating children by themselves, renting and looking for time in between to study, better sleep and better social skills are required. Most women carry all that weight on their shoulders and barely have time to indulge themselves, or at their best half, if present. Unlike the 19th century, when female masturbation could just be exercised by their husbands or doctors, we have the freedom to explore our bodies on our own.

What does this freedom really mean?
Lately, women have not only the freedom to know what or who can touch them, but also when and how. It’s awesome ! As such, many women are turning to vibrators and are now living healthier, healthier lives. As mentioned before, orgasms have a lot of advantages, if this is more difficult with a partner, why not try this great little help?

With erotic toys, women now have the chance to explore their bodies and get to know each other on a deeper and personal level.

Female anatomy is more complex than its male counterpart and needs more attention and education. Our sensitive anatomy requires contact or tickling in specific areas, and our mentality is enough to release pressure. In addition, most people are wrong, in terms of sexual fulfillment for women, it is never the quantity but rather the quality.

Whether once or twice a week or even once every three months, you can have sex fun whenever you want. Even better, for those who live with their partners, you should know that most men are completely open to the idea that women use vibrators.

This freedom also comes with responsibilities in seeing that we all lead different lives with varied lifestyles. However, if you have to take care of children, or go to work or attend a meeting somewhere, taking this liberty and allowing yourself to indulge in some fun is a great way to reduce stress and relax your body.

Are they better than a man or my fingers?
As mentioned earlier, erotic toys can help you discover your body better than you or your other half. There are specific points that these toys can reach as the other two options are a little harder to reach.

Men can be our sexual partners and have 100% control over their members, but women know the places they need touched or tickled and the best way to make love so they can reach orgasm.

However, many women do not know their bodies well. Discover your ladies body and have fun with your partner because in the end a toy will never replace the warmth of a body and will never share mutual feelings with you ..

Seeing that the freedom mentioned above means that you have total control over your body and mind, why not control your sex life too? Take control of your body and enjoy these times and the freedom that comes with exploring your body and being in total control in bed.

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